Whether you are working from home, trying to entertain the kids or having a break from work, there are a ton of fun and exciting things you can do at home during lockdowns and shelter-in-place. You can pickup reading again, redecorate your house, learn a new language or finally clean out that attic. We have made a list of fun and exciting things you can do at home:


Who says that you cannot be productive at home? You can use this free time in learning a new skill, exploring your talent or making some extra cash from that hobby you do on the side. If you love to eat and you follow all the food porn on instagram, then you can try cooking that scrumptious dish in your feed. Why not find a recipe and experiment in the kitchen. If cooking isn’t for you, how about learning a new language or doing an online course. Start the day with our favorite daily affirmation kicking it off with a nice cup of coffee.


Do you have a green thumb, or maybe your like us and kill everything you water. Now just might be the time to hone those gardening skills. Start small with a suculant thats hardy, this will not only make your house look charming inside and out but will also help you relax. We know not everyone has space for a  garden, but you could consider some indoor plants or maybe just some plant art.


Dont forget WFH (Working From Home) and dealing with a pandemic can bring on burnout. But don’t let that be an excuse for not taking care of ourselves. With our jobs and daily routine, we tend to neglect our own wellbeing, but now while we have lots of time on our hands, use it! Pick up some great self care habits like taking care of your skin by following a skin regime or eating healthy meals. How about excersising at home finding your favorite Youtube Yoga session and getting your Yin on to help you stay centered.


Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and all the other streaming services have a riduclous amount of content avalible.  How about trying something different that you might not normally watch. Or for a bit of connected fun get your friends and family together digitally and have a watch party using the watch together features options allowing you to watch movies or tv series with your friends while staying at home.


The best way to spend time at home is by redecorating your house. This activity is not only fun but also very stress relieving. You can start room by room and bring changes to your house. You can do several things like paint the walls, decorate them with aesthetic art pieces or hangings, change the theme of the room etc. Our selection of framed prints, canvas prints, fine art prints, and custom photo canvascan elevate your home.

By staying at home, you have lots of time in your hands and one tends to get lazy. You can keep yourself busy by following the above-mentioned points, apart from that you can play fun games online with your friends or keep your brain active by solving different puzzles or taking online quizzes.